7 tips to improve your wardrobe

I’ve made a list of tips to help you improve your wardrobe in an inexpensive and simple way. A few buttons or a simple brooch can make an affordable piece look like million bucks.

1. Change the buttons

Inexpensive items (cardigans, blazers, coats, blouses etc.) usually have basic plastic buttons. With a set of new buttons and a few stitches you can make it chic and unique. Choose the material and colour according to your needs. There are so many types of buttons, such as metallic, pearl, sparkly, natural, wooden, leather etc. The only thing to worry about is the size of the button, because it has to fit the buttonhole just right, without stretching the fabric or sliding out. Best thing to do is to take the item with you when you go button-shopping to make sure it fits well.

Extra tip: After years of wear, when an item is out of fashion or literally falls apart, my mom cuts off her favourite buttons and saves them for a future use. Not a bad idea!

 2. Hem pants and skirts

The right length of pants or skirt depends on your body type and your style; it can make or break the look. High end brands offer different sizes as well as different lengths, but for cheaper brands this extra work wouldn’t pay off. Hemming pants and straight skirts isn’t hard, you just need to practice using sewing machine first. There are many tutorials and DIY projects described on the internet. It pays off to take your time to find the most flattering length and easiest instructions.

3. Add rhinestones, sequins or studs

With the right amount and strategic placing, rhinestones, sequins or studs, make a simple item look sophisticated and modern. Rhinestones can be placed around the collar of a blouse, studs to old shorts, sequins to a boring clutch, your options are countless. Application is easy, some demand very basic sewing skills, others are fixed with glue or ironing. You can buy them at your local craft store or order online. 4. Belt it

The right belt can make jeans look totally different and accentuate your figure. It’s good to know that many belts can be shortened without punching a new hole. Check if it has a small screw right next to the buckle on the inside. Here is a full tutorial from Styleforum.

Belts can also be worn over a dress, blouse, coat, blazer etc. Wider belts look good on heavier fabrics or as a statement piece, while thinner belts look better on blouses and other lighter items.

 5. Add a brooch

Brooches can be used as a closure or just as decoration piece. Place a brooch to secure a scarf, close an open cardigan, put it on a clutch, wear it on a pocket of a blazer and even on a plain winter hat to make it look a bit more stylish.

6. Dye it at home

A great and inexpensive way of reviving old, washed out clothes is to dye them at home in your washing machine or in a sink. Read the instructions on the package, because the amount of water, its temperature and other factors are different from brand to brand. But overall this process is simple and worth giving it a try.

7. Add a collar

Adding a fur collar to a coat or blazer instantly gives it a more sophisticated feel and makes it warmer. Elegant collar is a very fashionable way of adding a dash of colour or some sparkle to an ordinary blouse or sweater.

I’m planning on changing the buttons on my basic blue cardigan from ordinary to pearl buttons. Have you tried any of this tips?


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