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Having the right accessories, shoes, bags and jewellery instantly makes us look more polished and put together as well as gives more use to the clothes we own. For example: A simple black dress is great for a job interview when paired with classic studs. You can celebrate your success later on in a club by adding a statement necklace and changing your bag for a sparkly clutch.
I’ve made a list of 18 pieces roughly divided by seasons, to enhance wardrobe essentials.

All year round accessories

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All year round

1. Simple Earrings

Simple earrings can be worn everyday from day to night to improve the look or add some spark to the outfit. It’s great to have crystal studs and pearl studs, as they are both really a classic, but if that’s not you there are plenty of other styles to choose from.


2. Statement jewellery

This is the most flattering type of jewellery for your style and personality, that is a focal point of your outfit. It should enhance your greatest features, whether it’s your hands (bracelet, bangle, cocktail ring, …), neck (multi chain necklace, oversized necklace), or face (drop earrings, hoop earrings, hair accessories). When choosing statement jewellery don’t forget about brooches!


3. Classic watch

It’s the type of watch appropriate to wear everyday as well as on special occasions. When you’re buying a watch consider the size and type of your wrist. Smaller watches can make a bigger wrist appear even larger and giant watches don’t suit those with tiny wrists, because it makes them look out of proportion.


4. Belt

Belts are functional accessories that add texture and colour or sparkle to the outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard. Belts can be classic, skinny or wide waist cinching belts. When buying  a classic belt pay attention to the basic colour you prefer wearing (black, brown, cognac, etc.), colour and size of the buckle, texture (suede, snake skin, leather,…). If you’re going with a wide or skinny belt, try to always try it on, because it can play with your proportions and makes you appear larger or even shorter!


5. Clutch

Clutches are great and practical for nights out, when you don’t want to carry your large day bag around or think about a safe place to keep it. You can even pick a clutch that doubles as a make-up bag for your larger bag to get more use from it, especially if you’re not going out regularly.


6. Dark bag

Choose a large dark bag in neutral colour such as black, brown or grey or one of the other colours such as navy, dark green or plum, depending on your style and tones in your wardrobe. This is the type of bag that holds everything you carry around every day, so adapt the size to your needs.


7. Black pumps


8. Everyday shoes


9. Pashmina (scarf)



10. Knitted scarf

knitted scarf

 11. Warm hat


12. Dark leather boots


13. Gloves



14. Sunglasses


15. Light scarf


 16. Light coloured bag

summer bag

 17. Sandals
sandals18. Flats 



Please keep in mind this are simply guidelines and it takes years to complete the list with the right items for you. I encourage you to adapt it to your own style, needs, age and budget.


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