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Edgy Fashionista and Fierce Style Icon Meet Effortlessly Chic

I’ve been a little disappointed lately, when it comes to fashion and I feel like I have to share my thoughts with you. With fashion weeks well behind us and spring that’s finally warming up, it’s supposed to be time for fresh perspectives and diversity, yet there are the same things getting media’s attention over and over again. With so many must haves, celebrity faves and weekly staples it’s no wonder we are forgetting how to be ourselves. Defined style and unique approach to fashion (be it fashion designers, stylists or fashion bloggers) are rarely noticed and covered properly, which is a shame, because they might reach and inspire those who feel left out, with current situation in fashion industry.

And honestly, since when do random pants, Kenzo tiger sweater, flats and too big camel wool coat make someone an instant fashionista? Or why does a fashion magazine consider it “edgy” when someone wears basic black trousers, white printed t-shirt and a plastic Chanel brooch at a fashion event? Beats me. You know, if black trousers and white t-shirt are indeed edgy, there’s at least a thousand women out there at this very moment just as edgy as the style icon at the event. And no, the brooch is not edgy, it’s expensive. Same goes for the “it” ring, “it” necklace, “it” shoes, “it” clutch etc. Sure they’re pretty, some of them even beautiful and they are a great way to complete the look, but the only edgy thing about them is the thin line between looking fashionable and giving off the I’m-trying-too-hard vibe. Here’s my example of crossing the line to the dark side.

too much


Don’t get me wrong, I love some of these, just not as an excuse to be “in”.

There’s something about describing fashion this days that makes no sense at all. For example, when someone with a fashion sense decides to wear something casual, everyone calls it effortlessly chic. I’m quite sure they put some effort in choosing those items or it would just look bad. Also the x is the new black phrase is overused and makes no sense whatsoever. Floral is the new black? No it’s not, because black is always fashionable, classy even, while x from the phrase lasts for about two months, after that it’s “so last year”. There’s no right way to use it, even if Ferre said so 30 years ago or if it was used in Funny Face. I think there are many words in fashion industry that bloggers, magazines and advertisers should finally forget about, among which are fierce (snow leopard is fierce, top bun isn’t), something -ista (because lately it’s anythingista and it’s getting too much) and vintage (when it’s used to describe something that was not expensive enough or was bought in a no name shop) to name a few.

So there it is, a summary of everything that has been on my mind since my last post.

What are your pet peeves involving fashion?


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7 tips to improve your wardrobe

I’ve made a list of tips to help you improve your wardrobe in an inexpensive and simple way. A few buttons or a simple brooch can make an affordable piece look like million bucks.

1. Change the buttons

Inexpensive items (cardigans, blazers, coats, blouses etc.) usually have basic plastic buttons. With a set of new buttons and a few stitches you can make it chic and unique. Choose the material and colour according to your needs. There are so many types of buttons, such as metallic, pearl, sparkly, natural, wooden, leather etc. The only thing to worry about is the size of the button, because it has to fit the buttonhole just right, without stretching the fabric or sliding out. Best thing to do is to take the item with you when you go button-shopping to make sure it fits well.

Extra tip: After years of wear, when an item is out of fashion or literally falls apart, my mom cuts off her favourite buttons and saves them for a future use. Not a bad idea! (more…)

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Personal Style

Personal style (PS) is a way of expressing who you are on the inside trough your appearance. First impressions are made of your looks, the way you dress, style your hair, make-up and even your posture. People tend to make about 10 assumptions in the first 30 seconds of the encounter, such as personality, imagination, sexuality, self-esteem and many others.

Audrey Hepburn

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