Wardrobe Essentials

Below is my list of 11 wardrobe essentials, to use as a base when renewing or building a wardrobe.

Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials by codeofstyle

1. Basic tee

1Whether it is long sleeved or short sleeved, basic tee is a versatile item, great to build a wardrobe with. Basic means no embellishments, motives or unconventional necklines. I find it’s best to have a black long sleeved tee, white and grey short sleeved tees and one with blue and white stripes, for a marine touch.

2. White blouse or shirt

2Personally, I prefer a white loose blouse over a white form fitting button down shirt, because of my body shape and style. You should try on different brands, cuts and sizes to find one that suits you best.

3. Cardigan

3Cardigans are great to make an outfit look less formal opposed to blazers or jackets, you can always dress them up or down, depending on the accessories you use. Neutral colours, such as navy, black, camel or grey work great with any wardrobe, but you can get them in any colour that fits your personal style and the rest of the wardrobe.

4. Day dress

4A day dress saved me on numerous occasions, when I didn’t have the time or inspiration to find something that works. Lightweight cotton knit dress with sleeves works well in spring, autumn and winter, and that’s exactly what you need from a wardrobe staple.

5. LBD

5Little black dress is a dress you can wear on formal occasions as well as on a fun night out with friends. Some of you may not feel comfortable in black, so go for dark blue, grey or even emerald green, whichever suits the rest of your wardrobe. It is however best to have a black one, because you can pair it with a black blazer instead of buying a suit.

6. Dark blue jeans

6Dark blue jeans with no rips, bleached colours or patterns can be elegant and informal. If you find it challenging to find the right cut, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Usually more expensive brands have the best consultants, so ask them for advice. Take in what they tell you and use their advice in a more budget friendly store.

7. Trousers

7I intentionally didn’t use black colour, because this are the pants that work with your wardrobe, personal style, likes and of course it depends on what’s suitable at your work or school.


8. Trench

8A classic trench is best if it is actually water repellent. I recently splurged on a Burberry trench and it just passed the test in heavy rain with no umbrella. My hair however, didn’t.


9. Winter coat

9It really depends on where you live, when it comes to winter coats. A timeless wool blend coat in camel colour is a great item to own, but don’t forget about warm, belted down coats, which are warmer and lighter.


10. Blazer or light jacket

10There’s one tip I have about blazers and that is to try on single breasted and double breasted ones, to see which looks better. There’s no universal rule, because it depends on the cut, height of the button(s), size of the chest and belly. You should also be able to stretch your arms in front of you. If you dislike blazers, a light jacket (brown leather jacket for example) will compliment your wardrobe as well.

11. Skirt

11I have to admit I rarely wear skirts, but adore dresses and I don’t even know why. A skirt can be a great substitute for pants, because you can achieve many looks for example: with a blouse or a tee, a cardigan or a blazer, heels or flats. The options are infinite. The best length is right above or on the knees, so it is appropriate for work, but you can still use it to party.


Next week I’ll write about the essentials when it comes to shoes and accessories.



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