What To Wear For Dinner on Christmas Eve

Christmas is finally approaching, with all the decorations, Christmas lights, yummy food and sweet smelling candy. It also brings the dilemma of what to wear on that special day. I’ve put together three outfits for three different occasions some of you may be attending soon.

No. 1 – At Home

Having a dinner on Christmas Eve at home usually involves a lot of running around the house, cleaning, decorating and maybe even preparing dinner for the family. While all this can be a little hectic it doesn’t mean you have to stay in sweatpants for the evening. After much needed shower before the dinner, throw on a cute sweater with lots of Christmas spirit, comfortable leggings or tights, soft slippers and your favourite piece of jewellery.


No.2 – At Your Boyfriend’s House (for the first time)

Your boyfriend’s family invited you to their home to have your first Christmas dinner together and you’re wondering what to wear. Ask your boyfriend what to expect, but if he isn’t much help (if he says things like: wear whatever you like, wear something sexy and other nonsense) a long sleeved dress with tights is a safe bet. If you decide to wear pants make sure they aren’t too low when you sit down, as far as tops go, anything sheer or open isn’t very appropriate. I’d also add simple jewellery, a little make-up and tie my hair up, so they don’t end up in his mother’s carefully prepared soup.

No. 3 – At a Fancy Dinner Party

A fancy Christmas dinner in a restaurant or at your friend’s house is where you can have all the fun you want (Okay, not ALL the fun!). It’s the perfect opportunity to wear a statement piece you have in your wardrobe, just make sure you are appropriately covered. That’s basically the only thing to be careful about. As you can see above, I chose quite a few bold pieces but they won’t be visible all at the same time and that’s where all the fun is.

For example fur, red colour, gold earrings, busy clutch and sparkly pumps in one sentence, make me crazy. But when you realise, it’s actually black coat with golden earrings and busy clutch it is classy with a modern twist. Red blouse, with black pencil skirt and golden earrings is also stylish and fashionable.

To complete the look add finishing touches, such as elegant nail polish and perfume.

Leave a comment to let me know your Christmas fashion dilemmas.


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